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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Have you been waiting

for life to turn out the way you expected?

You're not alone.

There are lots of us out there who feel that way. I for one, too have dreams, plans and ideas for what my life should like. For one, I thought I'd be married (like very girl's dream, to settle down) have a wonderful husband and kids to love and care for you. I thought God would bring me the life I'd been waiting for because I knew God was good and I tried to be obedient.

But that's not what happened. Not at all.

So I found myself wrestling with God. Who is He if life doesn't go as expected, a ruined marriage, going through grief and guilt process again and again. And where I should go from there?

When I got brutally honest with myself and asked the hard question: Why do I think the world has more to offer than God does? The answer was stunning. My vulnerability in which I learnt a lot, and am still learning, particularly in this 2 years of separation from my husband, slowly leading me to the path that God had set for me, and to discern His voice. One that would inspire and encourage me to write out this story of mine of my life that is even better than the one I dreamed for myself.

Yesterday, looking back on my notes from 8 years ago, the book of Philippians really speaks out to me this time again in a different perspective.

Paul wrote the book of Philippians from a prison cell. This was probably not Paul's preferred ministry base, and it certainly wasn't a pleasant place. But when I read this book, I'd find that it's written from a healthy perspective that reveals his thanksgiving and deep joy. Paul understood that change was inevitable and that times would be tough. So he took the raw materials of his circumstances and built something incredibly encouraging out of them.

If Paul can do this sitting in a jail cell, we can do it no matter what our circumstances. Don't worry, if you think your home isn't "good" enough to hold a Bible study in or if you don't feel "gifted" in speaking. If you want to encourage others in your faith, God will clear the way and make it happen.

And I truly encourage and hopefully be able to offer inspiration to anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life right now. I decided to let go of my expectations of the way life "should be" and grasp God's hand for the adventure He have

for me.

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