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Being Human

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

"God saw how sick we are, and he wants to heal us, he wants to restore us."

A lot of people are focusing on the Social media (we live in a society, we live in cultures that communicate these ideas to us, and it's usually a much more focus on parents and caregivers on our appearances, alongside mass media influences.

Sometimes social media, gives space to critics, added together with their IDEAS OF THEIR OWN to carve these sorts of information which you thought to be true now.

For eg:- Youtube, [beauty tutorials] are incredibly diverse, they have lots of different appeals of appearance, different practices like Facebook & Instagram too, but they all are like portraying images according to their standards.

Some of these ideas probably are more prevalent or maybe more mainstream, some argues that all social medias are bad, but I think some social media can offer us spaces to be more critical to mainstream ideas and to offer spaces to communicate with each other, and about developing new forms of ideas. That in which case, probably should be in the direction to be healthier.

Question yourself: If you're on Facebook or on Instagram and you see the image of someone looking really amazing and look beautiful, question yourself, what are the images they are presenting, has that image has been modified in any way, has that image been Photo shopped in a way to make it look better, what is the person who is in that image is trying to say?

A lot of the time in Instagram, when you see the image of a person, you are kinda conforming to this appearance of the idea, and they are sort of manipulative in some way that you would wanna be like them too. Like...

Making social image comparisons: It tells you, that your not good enough. Comparing to someone better for example, it tells you to develop in a body the way that you should look. Which is about respecting your body and feeling good about the way you look.

There is a whole movement now to respect your body, to respect how you look like.

In the meantime...

I too struggled before on my body image, whereby I couldn't accept the fact that I have a tummy, I almost went into a depression because of it.

The image that I see my own body in the mirror tells me everyday that I am not happy and satisfied enough. The truth is, I didn't know that God is trying to show me that we should learn to see the whole picture instead. He is weaving our life, a story, into a beautiful tapestry of His grace, one in which the full picture will not be seen if we are stuck by the image that we thought to portray in our minds all the time.

I am slowly capturing the essence of God's nature as the One who loves us intimately as He reveals Himself through His Word and uses every moment of our lives to draw us closer to Him, and gradually I too am learning to accept myself.


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